April 23, 2010

On the Agenda

We still have about seven weeks until our average last date of frost here in Northern Wisconsin, which means that it's the perfect time to work on starting some seeds indoors. By the time these little guys are sturdy seedlings, the outdoor temperatures will have risen sufficiently for them to be transplanted into the garden.

Wapsipincon Peach tomatoes--here we come! :-)

In other news... the ponies are shedding like crazy, and some of them are finally shed out enough to have their spring photographs taken. We hope to have some fun new pony photos to post soon.

April 22, 2010


And we're delighted! :-)

April 18, 2010

Busy as Bees

This week brought the arrival of more bees at our farm. These are Minnesota Hygienics, and they were buzzing merrily when they arrived:

"Let's all congregate on the right side of the box!"

"Now! Everyone to the left side of the box!"

The queen bee herself, in her private quarters, with a visitor. The marshmallow is in place, and that's all that is between the queen and freedom. In no time, the marshmallow will be eaten and she will be free to come and go as she chooses.

Time to transfer them into the hive--the Minnesota Hygienic girls got a little rowdy at this point, but most of them made it safely into the hive.

April 16, 2010

Dan's new book! The 4-H Guide to Digital Photography

We are overdue in announcing some very exciting news... but we are very delighted to belatedly announce the publication of Dan's latest book:

The 4-H Guide to Digital Photography (Voyageur Press, 2010) text and photos by Daniel Johnson

According to the product description: "This book takes the basics of digital photography and makes them the tools for creative, interesting, and artistic picture-taking. Illuminating the most popular of 4-H projects, Daniel Johnson instructs beginners in the basics of composition, lighting, and the use of flashes--among other fundamentals of capturing a picture that’s more than just “flash.” With step-by-step, illustrated directions, along with spectacular examples, this book is the perfect starting point for 4-H’rs taking up digital photography--and for anyone who wants to learn how to take superior digital pictures."

School Library Journal published an excellent review of the book in their 4/1/2010 issue: The 4-H Guide to Digital Photography "features numerous excellent photos that support the text. It explores types of digital cameras, how to take good photos, the complexities of lighting, managing images (including clear definitions of file types), and the importance of just enjoying this activity. Types of photography such as landscape and macro are explained. The author does an excellent job of discussing the importance of both technological details and artistic creativity...appealing, well-organized format... thorough and pertinent information for novices and for those who are already enthusiasts and are looking to improve their skills." –review by Carol Schene

Dan's book is already being utilized in 4-H programs and we're happy with how well it has been received.