May 29, 2010

The Joys of May: Update

If we are to judge by the lack of blog updates, we would venture to suggest that May has been a very busy month on Fox Hill. As the days have grown warmer, we've been spending much of our time outdoors--working on spring projects. Never fear, though--we've been photographing everything. :-) Here are a handful of photographs illustrating the joys of May:

Apple blossoms

Chives, with their gorgeous purple flowers
Lilacs (these are the original Lilac bushes that were planted many years ago, before we even moved here)
Heirloom potatoes--of the Purple Viking variety. These have been cut into smaller pieces for planting.
More potatoes--digging the trench for planting.
How many baby birds can be squeezed in this tiny nest? (Hint: there are five--see the fifth beak in the back of the nest?)
Someone else is nesting too--did you know that Chickadees think that Bluebird houses adapt just beautifully for their own use?

We're leaping into summer--here comes June!