September 23, 2007

The Annual Bluebird-Bath-Bash

Every fall after a really good rain, the bluebirds have their bathing party in the bird bath in the lower gardens. We can see the birdbath easily from my kitchen windows and we have a great time watching them take turns doing the bird-stroke and bluebird paddle in it. They are fairly polite about taking turns although as typical in large families, there is always one water hog that primps and washes way too long and tests the patience of the others waiting in line.

Yesterday, they were really having a great time and more and more birds were showing up for their baths... some were not bluebirds and these infiltrators were promptly escorted from the festivities. I thought it was very interesting how the bluebirds kept out all the "other" birds and only allowed those dressed in the appropriate Blue-Bath-Bash attire to join in.

Most amusing of all is that after each bird finally finshed his or her bath, they quickly flew to our nearby clothsline to air dry. This event lasts several hours and is complete and total entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. It's a most pleasant and delightful way to pass the time for both bather and bird watcher.

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