October 19, 2007

Meet a Mountain Pony: Doncardeb Miss Sunny Ruby

Today we are highlighting one of the matrons of Miracle Welsh-- Sec. A Welsh Mountain Pony broodmare, Doncardeb Miss Sunny Ruby. Ruby is a 16-year-old chestnut mare, with Dandardel, Farnley, and Twyford bloodlines. She has produced numerous foals with the Miracle prefix; her most recent arrival being the darling 2007 filly, Miracle Lady Fiona. Ruby's previous foals include the 2006 filly, Miracle Lili Maiden, who was Res. Supreme Champion at her first WPCSA show as a yearling, and her 2005 colt, Miracle Mr. Incredible, who is a driving pony-in-training out in CA.

Ruby herself has achieved a bit of fame-- you can see her photo in the current issue of Hobby Farms magazine. :-) She's also appeared in Horse Illustrated magazine, The Quotable Horse, How to Raise Horses, The World's Greatest Horse Poster book, and she is on the cover of the 2004 WPCSA Yearbook. Ruby doesn't let the fame go to her head-- she's still satisfied with the simple things in life, like apples and sugar cubes. :-)

We love Ruby. :-)

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