January 19, 2008

Winter on the Farm

It's cold.

Very, very cold.

Here on the farm this morning it was a brisk -20, with a wind chill that made it "feel like" it was -37 below zero. Consequently, no one is interested in being outside today... hence the blog updates. :-)

A few new photos for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Dan... We had some surprise visitors in our crabapple tree a few mornings ago. These Pine Grosbeaks were a vivid spot of color in a world that is otherwise completely white.

In addition to the frigid temperatures, we've also been getting our fair share of new snow, including another six inches on Thursday. It is beautiful to look at, but it does make it harder to get around the farm for chores.

We'll close with a bit of winter verse, also courtesy of Dan...


I can see my breath
In the light from the porch
When I step outside
Into the
I can hear the snow
Squeak under my boots
As I walk to the barn
Into the
I can feel the burning
On my cheeks and it seems
To be Hot.
How can that be?
What is going on here?
How can the
make me feel
When it's not?

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