June 26, 2008

New Arrivals on the Farm!

We've already announced the arrival of our first foal of the season, but we thought we would take a moment to share the news of the other new arrivals around the farm this spring...

Two weeks is a short time, but it's an important period of time if you're a baby rabbit and are growing like crazy. Take a look at our litter of baby Rex rabbits... first photo is at 3 days old; the second photo shows the babies at 2 weeks old...

Now, at nearly four weeks, they are bouncing and jumping everywhere, when they're not eating hay, that is!

If you look closely at the next photo, you'll see another of the new arrivals... a tiny baby fawn! She and her mother are frequently seen grazing in the fields or napping in the meadow. She's positively tiny and simply adorable.


And then, of course, the birds are busily nesting. There is a nest of Chipping Sparrows in one of the bushes in the garden (there are three baby sparrows in the nest, but it's so deeply hidden that we cannot snap a photo), and we have a female Robin who spent several days constructing an *enormous* nest in the lilac bush by the front porch. She's now spending her days perched happily on her nest, so we expect to see and hear some new babies there soon.

Some of the birds are happy to utilize a more permanent structure for their nests, such as the Tree Swallow shown here!

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