September 23, 2008

Garden Update-- 9/23/08

Although the calendar says that autumn has officially arrived, we are still enjoying the produce from our garden. The latest excitement? Purple carrots! This was our first experiment with planting the "Dragon" variety of heirloom carrots, and we were really pleased with how well they grew and how tasty they were, too. :-) Suffice to say that even though some of us are not carrot-lovers, we had no difficulty in polishing off an entire bowl's worth.

In tomato-land, the Green Zebras have done very well (see photo), but we're also enjoying many of the other varieties as well. We made up a salad on Saturday night that included Cherokee Purple, Stupice, Trophy, Amish Paste, Green Zebra, Beam's Yellow Pear, and also Juliet.

Now we're moving into the orchard to begin harvesting this year's apple crop-- more updates and photos soon!

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Emily said...

your photographs are really lovely. I feel like I'm on the farm with you - wish I was! (I found your site on Mary Jane's Farm)

love, emily