March 28, 2009

Coyotes 'N Cobs

This morning there was a big coyote in the pasture. . . Our Welsh Cob stallion, Orion, and I saw it at the same time. Orion lifted his head up and it seemed as though he made an instantaneous decision to rid his pasture of that unwelcome visitor, so he took off at a gallop heading directly for the unsuspecting coyote with a determined look in his eye. For those of you who own Cobs, you know that the sound of one galloping towards you definitely makes you look up to see what's coming. . . and when that coyote looked up, he nearly jumped out of his skin trying to make a hasty retreat out of the field. The poor coyote was running as fast as he could, all the while looking over his shoulder with terror as the big dark galloping thing was nearly upon him. The coyote was able to make a quick exit just in time to miss being made into something very flat. You could just see the look of pride on Orion's face as he strutted back and forth along the fenceline, his breath pouring from his nostrils, just daring his furry foe to come back. He shook his head the way Welsh do and seemed quite satisfied with his heroic actions. I feel really safe having a Cob in charge.

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