April 26, 2009

Things are "Buzzing" at Fox Hill Farm

This is an exciting weekend at the farm---a package of new bees arrived to join our apiary!

Here they are in their cage upon arrival:

This is the Minnesota Hygienic Queen in her private quarters. This container is blocked with a cork on one end, which is removed and replaced with a small marshmallow. The queen's container is placed in the hive, and the worker bees proceed to eat the marshmallow and release the queen.

Adding the bees to their new hive. . .

. . .a few reluctant bees refused to follow the rules.

Into their new English Garden hive with their feeder. . .

Ready for spring and the first flowers!!!

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K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

How exciting! We are waiting for the "bee call" telling us to come get our nuc..Can't wait. Any day now & this is our first hive. My husband has been reading everything he can on Bees we took aclass in March in Portland Oregon.