November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We're enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend and the weather really couldn't be nicer. We've had a couple of dustings of snow, but nothing substantial and it's been warm enough each day to melt it again. The ponies are quite happy and content in their pastures and are enjoying the pleasant weather.

We had so much fun with our book giveaway that we're getting ready to hold another one. :-) Check back very soon for details on the next prize!!!

In other news, Samantha and Dan's 2008 book, Horse Breeds: 65 Popular Horse, Pony, and Draft Horse Breeds has been doing well in sales and was #8 in the Horse category on Amazon yesterday--this book makes an excellent gift for the upcoming holiday season. Check it out here:

We'll close with a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure. :-)

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