December 09, 2009

Update - and Giveaway Winner!!

We're in the midst of a major winter storm here--we have a lot of new snow, but the winds are blowing and gusting so hard that the drifting snow makes it difficult to calculate exactly how much new snow we've received. We think about 9 inches, give or take a bit.

So, indoors was the place to be today, and we're happy to say that we are ready to announce the winner of our book giveaway! Our randomly selected (by a computer calculator, no less!) winner is. . .

"Fiona, age 9"

Congratulations, Fiona! We hope you enjoy your prize! (Did you know that the chestnut pony at the top of this blog is also named Fiona??) Drop us a note at so we can mail your prize out to you right away.

We really enjoyed reading everyone's responses to the colts vs. fillies question--there seemed to be a fairly even split between colt enthusiasts and filly fans--and some of you couldn't choose. Foals are delightful, aren't they?? :-)

Pictures of the snow--hopefully tomorrow!!

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