June 13, 2010

'Bean' There, Done That (aka: the beans are planted!)

We're slightly behind in our posts, but we wanted to be sure to post the photos from last week's Bean Planting Day on Fox Hill Farm.

According to our best estimates, we put in about 600 heirloom bean seeds. The bulk of these were Empress, as you probably could have guessed if you've frequented our blog in previous springs. :-) Empress is our hands-down favorite in the heirloom bean world, and so we devote the majority of our bean space to that variety. Here they are:

But in the interests of diversity--and never let it be said that we shy away from diversifying our heirloom beans!--we also planted two other heirloom bush bean varieties. Here is Bountiful:

and here is Dragon Tongue, which is an interesting name for an interesting-looking bean:

Now for the interminable wait until we can harvest these delightful and delectable beans!

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