July 02, 2010

Daring young bird on the flying trapeeze

Upon awakening, I heard a "thunk" on the window.  It was the kind of "thunk" that is unmistakeably a bird "thunk."  I went out to investigate and sure enough, a baby bluebird was laying upside down in the grass.   As I gently turned him over, he came back to life and flew over to the clothesline where he proceeded to try to land on the line itself.  Being such a baby, he didn't do too well on the ever-moving line and as he gripped it at tightly as he could, he just swung upside down and hung there for a second or two.  If a bird can have a perplexed look on its face, then I'm sure I saw one.  Suddenly he let go and flew off again, in that swoopy up-and-down flight pattern of a "new to flying" baby.  Out of the trees, mama bluebird came and zeroed in on her beloved child and followed him to wherever her little one wanted to go.  Just like a good mom does.  Just like she should.

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