August 10, 2010

Garden Update : Heirloom Beans

It's August, and we're harvesting beans.
As you may recall, we planted three varieties of heirloom beans this year:

  • Empress
  • Dragon's Tongue
  •  Bountiful

As usual, Empress is outproducing everyone else. We've been picking and picking and eating and eating and there are still more coming along. Here are a few:
But we have to admit that Dragon's Tongue is holding its own--the plants are loaded with these delightful speckled beans. They have been very prolific thus far, in addition to being of superior taste.



As for poor Bountiful... it wasn't. Sadly, it didn't meet our expectations in terms of production. We harvested a few, but the amount was nothing like that of Empress or Dragon's Tongue.

But that's part of the fun of experimenting w/ new and different varieties. Some are better than you expect, some don't quite measure up. It's always enjoyable, though!


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