October 23, 2010

From Puff Ball Mushrooms to Albino deer!

It's been a beautiful fall, lots of nice weather though it appears to be finally coming to an end. We're supposed to have rain now for the next several days, so that means wet feet and muddy trails on the farm. We had our driveway regraveled and so now there are no more pot-holes to surprise the Fedex and UPS delivery guys. The pot-holes worked well as a sort of speed bump, helping to remind the drivers to slow down. We also had the entrance to the barn regraveled and it's sooo much nicer now, though of course most of the ponies had to look twice to make sure it was ok. :-) The ponies are now covered in their heavy winter coats and so I guess they know some colder weather will soon be approaching. There were snow flurries in the air yesterday, but thankfully only a few. Here are a few photos from around the farm and one from a recent visit to a friend's home.

This giant mushroom was at least a foot in diameter, it started out white and then turned this brown color once the weather changed.  It's a type of Puff-ball mushroom, biggest one we've seen here on the farm.

 Leaves!  We've had plenty of leaves to add to our garden and it's always appreciated when one of the family members pitches on the raking duty.

 Due to the warmer weather, a bewildered daisy thought is was summer again and rose from the depths of the fallen leaves to show her lovely face to us.  I miss you Daisy, can't wait to see you again next year!

 Another spectacular sunrise on the farm.

 My beautiful Myferdog, my constant companion for the past 11 years.  When I first saw this photo, it brought tears to my eyes....because that's me she's looking up at...how do you not love someone who so obviously devoted to you?  I don't know how much longer my sweet Myf will be by my side as she has some major health issues, but I cherish each day with her.

The last shot for this post is a photo Dan captured while we were on a photo shoot earlier this week.  This albino doe walked into the yard and it was a real treat to see her.

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Jenna said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. :) I really enjoyed the daisy photo!