November 08, 2010

We've been having a nice stretch of weather for the past few days, it's been sunny and warmer than last week.  We don't take these warm days in November for granted, each one is a gift.  The gardens are basically put to bed for the winter, but out by the barn I noticed a few leaf buds on the privets forming, are they thinking its spring again?  I wish they were right, but I'm sure the snow will soon arrive and take away all thoughts of spring for several months.

Our farm has a very small pond on it, and it has slowly grown smaller and smaller over many, many years and my hopes are to have it re-dug in the spring.  I can just picture it all finished and full to the top...a place for the birds and animals to enjoy along with me.  Perhaps a nice gazebo next to it, a place to sit and dream.  I think I will pond(er) on this idea.  :-)

Sumac goes un-noticed all year until late fall, when it's deep crimson leaves add to the beauty of the season. 

I love the seed pods on the Milkweed, each one bursts open and sends off it's fluffy seeds to the wind.  Every year I'm fascinated by the various plants, how they grow, how they flower, how they fruit and how they propagate.  Works of art, each one. 


SMITA SUN said...

this is a great photograph. and also those of horses of ur farm. these remind me of my great days with the mother nature pretty a long time back. felt pretty emotional!!!

bryn marlow said...

Love the milkweed pod photo. And your artistic touch with composition, subject and style throughout. Many thanks for making art.