April 29, 2011

18 Beautiful Birds

We’re happy to bring you this guest blog, courtesy of Farm Girl Rosie (http://farmgirlrosie.blogspot.com/), as she shares about her recent experiences in bird watching.

I just recently began studying which types of birds tend to gather in the area where I live. So many birds are attracted to suet feeders, and this is a compilation of the different kinds I’ve seen so far on the feeder:

1. Black-capped Chickadee
2. White-breasted Nuthatch
3. Red-winged Blackbird
4. Hairy Woodpecker
5. Pileated Woodpecker
6. Dark-eyed Junco
7. European Starling
8. American Robin

I’ve also spotted these birds in the past few weeks:

1. Canadian Geese
2. Mallard ducks
3. Bufflehead ducks
4. Red-tailed Hawks
5. Killdeer
6. Mourning Doves
7. Northern Flickers
8. American Crows
9. Eastern Meadowlarks
10. Eastern Bluebirds

I highly recommend The Backyard Birdsong Guide by Donald Kroodsma for those who are interested in identifying birds and their calls. This book also comes with a birdcall player; you press a button on the side of the book, and you can hear the call of every bird discussed in the guide. The Backyard Birdsong Guide has been so helpful to me in figuring out which birds are which!

Hairy WoodpeckerRed-winged BlackbirdHairy Woodpecker


nat said...

Wow, nice ornithology skills!

rsctt said...

That is so neat. we have a flock of sparrows, about 30, that invade our Japanese plum tree every afternoon and eat all of the bird seed. they chatter up a storm.

Shawana Twain said...

Watching birds is a beutiful feeling. the freedom of flying in the sky without getting tensed about anything. your blog is a great one. i love the photos too

Anonymous said...

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Gabriel said...

The Killdeer is my best favourite bird. It's simply wonderful!