July 31, 2009

Empty Nests

The final baby House Wren left the nest this morning. Baby was peeking out of the birdhouse hole when we went out to the barn for morning chores. . . twenty minutes later, the birdhouse was empty.

. . . but look who we found, a couple of hundred feet away, perched on a piece of antique garden equipment!

She wasn't exactly delighted to see us.

But doesn't she have the cutest feathers???

And so our front yard was a very noisy place all day today, as the entire House Wren family chattered and squealed from various bushes, trees, and fence posts.

We found another empty nest in the grass near the maple tree this morning; this one was a sparrow's nest, constructed almost entirely from horse hair. Specifically, Buttons' mane and tail hair, since most of the hair is grey and she's the only grey pony we have. :-) It's nice to think that Buttons has been helping to nurture the next generation of baby sparrows.

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