July 28, 2009

Tuesday update . . .

. . .without photos, I'm afraid! Today's photos are still on the camera card and it's rather late to download them now. Suffice to say that we had another 2 inches of rain last night (as you may recall, we had 3" a few days ago), so everything is pretty well soaked around here. On the other hand, everything is growing like crazy, so we're glad to be getting the rain after such a long dry spell.

Update from the birdhouse--there are three baby House Wrens still in the birdhouse. They are big enough that we can see their little heads through the birdhouse entrance. Mother and Father Wren are a very noisy pair, chattering all day long (beginning at 5am; they are still chirping at 10pm), and the babies scream with delight when either parent arrives at the nest with a tasty treat. So cute!! We tried to get photos of the baby birds, but haven't had success yet. We'll keep trying.

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