December 06, 2009

Poster Book Giveaway!!

We had so much fun with our first book giveaway that we've decided to do it again. :-) This time, the prize is a copy of The World's Greatest Colts & Fillies Poster Book, which features 43 large, full-color, pull-out posters with photographs of adorable colts and fillies. The photography in this book is by Daniel Johnson. :-) This book would make a fabulous Christmas gift for any young horse or pony enthusiast!

For your chance to win this book, you can enter by leaving a comment to this post, answering the following question: What's your preference: colts or fillies?

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Wednesday.

Also, look on the right hand side of this blog, you'll see where you can click to "follow" us. . . we've just added this new feature. :-)



Suzanne Bryson said...

Daniel is a terrific photographer, I am sure this book is full of absolutely beautiful and VERY cute photos!!

Suzanne Bryson
Leduc, Alberta

Anonymous said...

I love Colts (I'm not really sure why, Maybe it's because My dream horse is male. :) ) But Fillys are really cute too. I guess I love them both! lol
Thanks for doing this Giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Definitely fillies! They seem to actually think things through.

Please add us to the drawing, my horse crazy daughter would love it!

Sarah Eilerts
SE Kansas

Mt Helicon said...

I have no preference as I adore them ALL as foals. As grown animals I have had several stallions that were my absolute loves over the years. They are so affectionate, gregarious and clever - and watching their 'performances' is truly breathtaking and downright humorous depending on the moment!

sidepasser said...

I love fillies because they are so opinionated about things - they are mischievous yet are very loyal and love to discuss things before doing them. Once they understand what is expected, they are wonderful about trying their best to do what is asked. Remember - you can tell a gelding, ask a mare and discuss with a stallion!

Anonymous said...

I love fillies, having all mares and fillies in my herd, but adore my one Welsh gelding, too...

Love Daniel's photography!

Karen Brown
River Falls, WI

NE Horse Training said...

I absolutely love fillies.. I've always found that the bond with a female horse is so much stronger than that with a male one. :)

Elise N.

Polly said...

Well, I can't say, having had 100% boys last year. Next year hoping for at least one filly so I can compare and will let you know!!! I have to say though that the guys are adorable....

Morganhrs said...

FILLIES!!!! A mare will give you her all and then some, the boys seem to keep something in reserve.
Definitely a mare person!!

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

FILLIES! Hands down - I always want fillies! Then I can keep the exceptional one if I want and I don't get the vet bills to have to geld a colt. ;) I enjoy showing a filly much more too!

Please include me in the drawing! Thanks for having another drawing too!

Anonymous said...

Love Daniel's work....thanks for having this Giveaway! As much as I love ALL horses, my favorites are the boys....maybe it's just that my mares seem to PMS along with me, LOL! But our gelding is a big sweetheart, and really works to please me....(wish my hubby felt the same way!)

Karen L.
NE Oregon

Gretchen said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Look at all the books! Great pictures!

As for preference, I'll take FILLIES! ;-)

Fiona age 9 said...

I like colts best because my favorite baby horse was a colt named Buck.

Beth Oness said...

Hello Johnsons,

Hope you all are snug and warm up there. We're tucked in here, and I thought I'd put my 2 cents in: I like fillies because then there's the chance of having more! Or, as Chad would say: "I want to surround myself with cuteness."

The book looks wonderful - your ponies even look nice in their winter woolies. Our little ones just look....hairy would be the polite word!

Beth Oness