August 19, 2009

Garden Update - 8/19/09

Lots of new photographs from the garden this week. . . things are growing, growing, growing.

This is a Goliath tomato (aptly named, because of its large size).

These are Empress Heirloom beans, prolific producers, which we have been planted for the past three years running. They are absolutely delicious, and our favorites.

And here are the heirloom Lazy Housewife pole beans. However, they definitely aren't lazy, at the rate they've been growing!

Our Tolli's Sweet Italian pepper plants have been producing very well. This is our first time growing them. . . the SSE catalog said that Tolli's Sweet Italian produces "large, dependable yields" and this has been absolutely true!

And these darling things are Dwarf Gray Sugar peas. They had the most beautiful purple blossoms, and the pods are just as beautiful if not more so.

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