August 19, 2009

An Unusual Discovery

Last Monday, while we were working in the upper level of the barn, we discovered something nestled in the corner. Sitting atop a small pile of hay bales was a very tiny, very pink baby pigeon.

The little guy (girl?) has grown quite remarkably in the past nine days, and white feathers are growing in at an impressive rate. We feel quite privileged to be witnessing the growth and development of a baby pigeon; as it's very unusual to locate a pigeon nest (Google the words "baby pigeon" and see how many references pop up that say "Do baby pigeons exist? How do we know if we never see them??").

Without further ado, here is the little one. . . we think he must be about 12 days old at this point. More pictures as he gets more "pigeon-like." :-)

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